Polanski freed after Poles question him on US sex case

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WARSAW: Film director Roman Polanski was questioned by Polish prosecutors Thursday on a US arrest warrant for sex offences, but allowed to walk free.The maker of “The Pianist” and “Chinatown” has been sought by the American police since 1978 after he fled the country before he could be sentenced for having sex with a 13-year-old girl.Prosecutors in Krakow, southern Poland, released him after questioning, but justice authorities in Warsaw did not rule out extraditing him to the US.”Roman Polanski said he would comply with all requests made by prosecutors in this case and provided his address. Prosecutors therefore decided not to arrest him in connection with a possible US extradition request,” Polish justice ministry spokesman Mateusz Martyniuk told AFP on Thursday.The United States attempted to have him arrested for sex offences when he travelled to Warsaw for the opening of a Jewish museum, the Polish government confirmed Thursday.The US asked the Polish prosector general to hold the Polish-born Polanski, 81, who also has French nationality, until he could be extradited.Martyniuk however told AFP Polanski's extradition was still possible because “the statute of limitations does not apply to US requests”.In 2010, the Polish prosecutor general said Polanski could not be extradited…
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