25 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai Hides Her Baby Bump!”

  1. Guys!!! if u hate sombody, plzz dont watch there vedio’s and plz stop
    writing bullshit abut them.. who ever wrote Big shits abut ash do you know
    her in person? “A BIG NO” its all visual, so if you dont like her face or
    her interviews dont waste your time on watching and writing such things..

  2. Itna khoobsurat chehra hai tumhara har dil diwana hai tumhara log kehte hai
    chand ka tukda ho tum lekin hum kehte hai chand tukda hai tumhara……….

  3. Dua Hai Ki Kamyabi Ke Har Sikhar Pe Aap Ka Naam Hoga, Aapke Har Kadam Par
    Duniya Ka Salam Hoga, Himmat Se Mushkilon Ka Samana Karna Hamari Dua Hai,
    Ki Waqt Bhi Ek Din Aapka Gulam Hoga..

  4. And how would you know! She has certainly never spoken to you! don’t go
    around trying to explain the actions of others, when you don’t know them!
    Especially if you don’t know them! You assumed something, you have no
    business talking about.

  5. Haters = Losers ! Go cry in a corner HATERS, cos she doesn´t cares about
    you, u are fake you wanna-be-experts. You are like air for her,so go and
    get yours own lifes!!! If you don´t like her, ignore her then! SPREAD love
    to the world and not hatred! How old are you? Are you some bewildered
    teenager in puberty?!! Go and understand and improve the world, there r so
    many real assholes out there, who hurt people/lands terribly (for example
    in the politics) You don´t have to b an asshole yourselves.

  6. What the actual fuck is up with all the hate on Aishwarya? Go take your
    jealousy and shove it up your asses! Jesus! Every single video! shut the
    fuck up!!!! if you don’t like her, don’t look up videos of her you dumb

  7. there are some people without hobbies commenting on beautiful aishwarya’s
    videos. Tomandjerry you are a bitch and aishwaryaraifan4eva shut the fuck
    up you whore, get yourself together and find a life, jealous fucking people

  8. She is dazzling, iconic and the most inspiring Miss India , she dances like
    a dream, just can’t wait for her big screen return, all the best Aish. Love

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