25 thoughts on “MUFTI VS VEENA MALIK.flv”

  1. Purdah? is to protect oneself from heat, fire, satan and it’s Jin slaves who are like dogs. They inspire sickness and evil desires in the hearts of young people. They imagine a woman to be nude even when she is dressed up, so additional covering of purdah will protect a woman. You cannot imagine a Jin so just go out and see behaviours outside. You will know? them.

  2. The Hijab oppresses the women,the west dont give a fuck about you,its not like the west points a? gun at your women’s head and tells her to take the veil off,thats the thing you dont understand,that your women dont want your fucking hijab,so fuck off retarded backward dwelling sandniggers

  3. Pakistan is a fail state because of the crazy MUFTI’s like this. Veena Malik u’ve done a? great job. Its not Veena Malik who is disgrace to Pakistan but the Mufti and the man like TV Anchor. Veena Malik Zindabad…….

  4. My congratulations to you!!! Here’s my email ezra.moore15@yahoo.com. If there’s any questions or anything that you may want to discuss, don’t hesitate to write me. I’m smiling right now from ear to ear? right now. Salaam alaikum brother

  5. The hijab uplifts the woman. The hijab preserves the woman. The west wants to lust? on the beauty of women. They want to objectify her.

  6. There is always other ways to make money sufficient enough to feed a family than acting without respect and loosing the respect of a nation. As a brave woman and with enough knowledge she should consider her mistakes and invest in doing something else. i know its hard as a woman but you have options to do things without offending others so you must use your brain and morals if you have any? If you are hurt by the muftis discretion then repent sincerely and ask? for peoples forgiveness.

  7. as long as we have long? beard mullahs in pakistan, pakistan will keep going down in sewer. there is no anti virus in this world to get rid of these mullahs. So the beautiful women of my country will keep suffering from the hands of these ugIy mullahs.

  8. my mother is supporting my family by working hard for 17 years and travelling miles on end to a modest job. she is a brave woman. she is a? modest woman. not veena malik.

  9. this is what muslims are doing ,instead of fighting for your rights? you madhaarchoods are talking about Veena. go get your basic human rights your goverment are treating u like scums

  10. Veena is a show girl/model. She is doing her job. Separate church /mosque/ temple from governance of humans? such as Veena

  11. Pakis should be happy, because of Veena 1st time they ve become famous for legal reasons other than terrorism. She is the symbol of women emancipation & she is clear about her role. I am? wishing her further success to improve knowledge of the? whole Pakistan about female anatomy. So that No Paki would sodomise getting explosive in the ass as advised by Mullas the ultimate perverts. Pakis will stop all bad things i.e.watching animal camel sex, sex with dead body daily subjects of Paki news

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