25 thoughts on “Princess Diana Horoscope (Astrology secrets revealed)”

  1. no it doesn’t, in western her Jupiter goes into Aquarius, her Moon goes
    into Pisces, none of these placement shows bad relationship with her
    parents or husband, not to mention Moon is in the 4th house of cancer,
    mother’s love, nourishment so she is automatically inclined towards that.
    Western is easier for your understand that’s why you automatically make
    sense out of it, but try explaining all these things through sign and house
    placements, won’t make sense.

  2. THANKS….but as i said if venus is combust, but still amitabh bacchan is
    married, what other conditions u judge if venus is combust. is it navamsa

  3. Don’t worry Ms. know it all. Your birth date is 14th July and accordingly
    it shows the same sign placement of Sun for you and Diana in vedic
    astrology so be happy with your Sun in cancer ideology. All the traits that
    he is showing for human behavior is through Moon and not Sun. On your
    birthday Moon and Mercury were in Gemini with the Sun according to Vedic
    astrology which shows your stubbornness about not accepting other schools
    of thought without bringing it to pieces.

  4. Not sure if it makes a huge difference – it could have just been a slip of
    the tongue, but she died in 1997! Thanks for the video! Fascinating way to
    learn – great tips!! Happy anniversary to the both of you – may you have
    plenty more!! :)

  5. Western astrology is not accurate because the precessional slippage is not
    taken into account. If you look at the night sky, the planets are placed in
    different signs from what is stated in W. A. Diana was a Gemini with
    Scorpio ascendant. By her 30s, her Sun progressed into Cancer, that’s why
    she “behaved” like a Cancer.

  6. I know you keep your channel positive and dont really talk about death. But
    I still have to ask..Some people say Diana’s death wasn’t an accident, in
    the future if you do readings like these will you ever talk about ‘cover
    ups’, false flags or anything hidden? Big fan BTW!

  7. Im finally getting how you draw the chart lol Random but it looks like
    you’re trying so hard not to smile when you mention some of this stuff, its
    . . . interesting

  8. it’s called real astrology as in “Vedic Astrology”, which uses the current
    start movement, and not the one’s 2,000 years back.

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