23 thoughts on “Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra 2011-2012 Hosting 3”

  1. stop being a hater jerk and let ppl express the truth even if u can’t handle it. Why don’t u stop licking her? stinking ass on every video replying to? everyone. She has no morals…..she’s false, a? cheat, a liar, a slag and she overacts…..deal with it!!! And why drag Kareena’s name in this…JEALOUS of course

  2. what? a terrific amazing performance by both priyanka n shahrukh the dazzled the stage with their full passion n energetic metabolism performance hats off to their great work

  3. stop being a hater? jerk n go n dance wiz kareena she will make u sweep the floor wash the dishes like his servants n pc always rock unlike others

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  5. Priyanka chopra is awesome and so is shahrukh, every actor and actress are good none of you guys have the right to say who is ugly and who is not?

  6. you bitch yourself don’t have any basic morals what gives you the right to talk about others. besides first of all try to achieve at least 1% of her achievements like making? your country proud. she is a idol her fans are all over the world she has done it all that you can ever imagined. loser !

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