Shilpa Shetty Salman Khan Zoom

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Blog: Website: Shilpa Shetty retaliates vehemently at the public for burning the effigies of actor Ric…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 thoughts on “Shilpa Shetty Salman Khan Zoom”

  1. luv salman, but i agree with shilpa, indias goes overboard with crap, they wont? do this with ijmportant issues or curruption but they will do it cause richard kissed shilpa on the cheek WTF

  2. The way he kissed her looks like that he got crazy seeing shilpa. It dosent look like a normal kiss. Its stupid , but its not Shilpa┬┤s? fault . She had nothing to do that moment.

  3. not all but the majority of Indians r still short minded.they wear? sexy clothes just to give the impression that they r modern citizen but the fact is that zey r still old fashion and traditional..they have great embarrassment towards sex…sex is still taboo in India..

  4. We have a gangbang a girl form indian but? She stinks form her fucking mimsy.
    You indian are fucking hypocrite, i know you love black dicks.
    Waht a funking accent she ist so funking dumb

  5. thats right . i always ask? the same que too why do indians speak english n hindi at the same time. and make a weird language. when richard tried to bend her on his arms and kissed her on her cheek 5 or 6 times.. looks a bit like out of lust.

  6. wtf does that have to do with it?!?!? Fact is Shilpa was allright with it? and your not related with her so stay out of it….!!! -.-

  7. yeah right! And what? does actors do in movies ? Its okay when they kiss in bollywood movies but when richard kiss her in real its wrong?

  8. Man she has got a nasty tone. Good A.left her as she? would have scratched his a>> if he had said anything bad to her!

  9. My Geography textbook said this act resulted in “large-scale protests”.? Where’s? the protests? Looks like nobody even cares.

  10. If her brother was around ( Sunil Shetty) what’s he gonna do ?
    1.kick his balls
    2.break his neck.
    3.act like? nothing happen.

  11. haha omg richard went horny on shilpa n im shilpa liked that cuz she got fame hahaha n I cant say its a fault? of Richard cuz shilpa is so sexy that anyone ccan be ………. on her hahaha.

  12. i think it was this one…but ya im not sure i know? for sure it was publicly done though….soooooo ya but i dont care i could care less….there will b another american added to the list of indian haters! which is kinda sad cuz not all ppl r the same!!!!!!!

  13. feel sad for the man cuz shilipa lets other actors kiss her anywhere the directors tell the actors to and this guy just kissed her on the cheek and she sued….i bet he doesnt? like indians anymore!

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