15 thoughts on “YouTube – Salman Khan Singing in Dubai HD Quality.flv”

  1. sana…… who ever u r..i just wanna say fuck? u n ur fucking thinking..every one knows wat is he… the thing is u r not able to tolerate his achievements…. just think 100000 times b4r saying such fucking thoughts, got it u mother fucker???

  2. What a fucking loser. Salman Khan is a? disgrace. Fooling all those people into tihnking hes actually thinking. Hes pathetic, and all you people who suck his dick are pathetic too.

  3. Salman is not singing this song, u can find it when he is singing kyu ki……..”kyu ki itna pyar? tum ko” see the lip movement

  4. 1.Dil Deewana
    2.Jiye To Jiye Kaise from Saajan
    3.Jana suno hum tum pe marte hai—Khamoshi
    4.Hum dil de chuke sanam -Tadap Tadap
    5.tere naam? from Tere naam(rataciri)-sad
    ?6.Kyon Ki-Kyon ki itna pyar tumko

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